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Is it healthy to lose weight fast?

Updated: Sep 8

by Harmony Fitness, Ece

Losing weight is good for your health and your psychology, it will regulate your diabetes, hypertension, etc., and improve your mood.

So, is it healthy to lose weight in a short time?

I can say that the more time something takes, the more efficient and permanent it will be. Therefore, hurrying will not produce healthy results, and after a while, you will quickly regain the weight you lost by 2 times.

So, what happens when you lose weight that fast?

When you lose weight with this way, you may not be losing fat, it may be water, your muscle (everyone has muscle!), or other necessary things in our body that will cause a decrease in energy, loss of hair and vitamins, or more serious health problems. With such unhealthy and rapid weight loss methods, your metabolism may weaken after a while and the food you eat may turn into fat, not energy, and cause you to regain quickly what you have lost.

You have to find the right and healthy way to lose weight and the one that can sustain it.

Give time to this change you want to create in your body, losing more than 3 or 4 kilos a month will do more harm than good. Of course, losing right amount of weight varies according to gender, age, and weight.

It has been stated by many studies that one of the most effective and long-term maintenance of weight loss methods is to do vigorous exercise and restrict your diet with healthy foods.

I know it's really hard to cut back on meals, which will make you hungry all day, but you need to take time for your body to adjust. Or do more physical activities if you are not willing to reduce your meals (If you are eating healthy foods ofc!). Do some meditations or find some hobbies to distract your mind in this stressful period.

Research has shown that it can take 21 days to change a habit, and if you can maintain this new habit for more than 90 days, you will have this new habit permanently.

Let's start with walking for 30 minutes every day or at least 6 times a day, and then increase the duration and control your diet. If the person is completely physically inactive, walking will provide positive benefits. And then you can do some exercises, also it is important to change your foods and activities at least every 3 months to rejuvenate your body and give your body time to adapt to new conditions.

Another alternative is; track your food to be conscious of what you are eating. Those who recorded their meals on MyFitnessPal (no matter what they ate) for a month showed a difference in weight loss compared to those who did not continue using it after a while. I know it takes a lot of time in the beginning, but after you write down the foods you consume in a day, this process will take less time and you will know how many calories you have consumed. Hey, be honest about what you eat and write :D even a piece of food, can change everything. For example, 1 scoop of peanut butter is 94 calories, a person who needs to eat 800 calories a day may have to sacrifice from other things.

I don't know if I need to mention the importance of sleep. But when one of these 3 elements is missing, there will be no success. When eating, sleeping and exercising are done together and regularly, we will have a healthy life. In order to invest in your future, let's eat healthy, exercise, and not miss the night's sleep as much as possible.

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